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Yaww Future Developments List

Here is the list of what is planned to be developed:

stands for done.
stands for not done.
stands for on-going.

  • Easy file uploading system
  • Directory-based hierarchy
  • Automatic/manual menu generation
  • Document manager (copying, moving, renaming and deleting)
  • Backup system
  • Versionning system (unified diffing or full changes)
  • Support for tables
  • User preferences management
  • Standards customization
  • Standards integration
  • Colors and in-line tags
  • CSS2 and DIV support

Other ideas might come later on, but feel free to suggest anything you want to be integrated, you will be named in the YawwGreetingsPage.

Easy file uploading system

Attachments such as images that need to be uploaded appear as hyperlinks or are simply displayed - in the case of images for instance - and can be clicked to be replaced. The possibility of renaming and deleting is to be implemented too. Data are transferred via the POST method in multipart MIME.

Naming convention should be meant to avoid conflicts for security reasons, i.e. if a page is password-protected its attachments should be too.

Directory-based hierarchy

(Not yet defined)

Automatic/manual menu generation

(Not yet defined)

Document manager (copying, moving, renaming and deleting)

Standalone interface to manage server-side files is also to be created.

Backup system

To be integrated to the Document Manager. The backup system consists simply in creating a compressed tarball file that can be downloaded and restored afterwards.

Versionning system (unified diffing or full changes)

Maybe the highest priority feature to implement. The idea is to provide a history management system. The diffing feature is to help in saving disk space.

Support for tables

For the design point of view, tables is one of the important feature to be implemented. Nothing special to say here, except that I am still working on a convenient typography standard for horizontal and vertical alignments as well as for merging cells in order to build complex tables.

User preferences management

(Not yet defined)

Standards customization

An original feature that provides the users the ability to define their own standards. I have already defined the format of this file against paragraph and in-line tags definition of standards.

Standards integration

As CSS for HTML pages, the idea here is to provide the user a mean to include the standard customization in the page itself. It is meant to make typing easier by defining per page 'shortcuts'.

Colors and in-line tags

These features will maybe be split, as I don't see the reason for colors management to be bound to in-line tags, except that it makes things more proper. I have not yet defined how in-line tags nor colors will be used.

CSS2 and DIV support

I discovered recently how powerful can be DIV combined with DHTML to structure a document without taking care of the layout of the page. If it isn't clear, don't worry, this feature will be implemented soon with some examples.

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